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Pizza resume



This is the reason I love being a graphic designer, our resume doesn't have to be formal, and shouldn't be limited in a piece of paper, in fact the more out of the box it is the better. There are some good works out there, a lot has been done, how can I do something differently yet represent my personality?


I was no where near professional in sewing, but I was persistent in making it the best shape I could.

This project has taught me a few things: Thinking ahead will save you time from making mistake. Making a small trial version first is time consuming but it guarantees the best result. Push through it anyway if you are in doubt, solve the problems along the way is fun like putting a puzzle together. 




Featured on different platforms 

I have never thought this project would be so rewarding, a couple of weeks after I posted it on Instagram it led me to an article on CNBC, Design TAXI, Fubiz and translated to other languages. Design can be really subjective, having people who like what I’ve made is the best feeling a designer could get. I’m truly grateful for all the kind words people have written about my project.


Branding Zvina
Re-brand Kangaroo Point Cliff


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