Missing their rich ramen 🤤🤤🤤

There are a few different Tottos at NYC, the one I went was at 366 W 52nd St, it's the tiny one, but I loved the fact that it's so small, which made the atmosphere fantastic there. 

I was sitting at the bar table which was inch away from t...

I had the longest fever in my little life! It lasted for five days 🤒

During that time I really thought I might be the first one in history who cough to death... After weeks I finally feel like I've recovered, therefore I'll keep on posting!

It's the first transportation system allows eating and drinking I've ever been to, maybe that's one of the reasons contributed to the subway's condition, having said that, it's unlikely you would have much appetite during your ride, the smell of urine, the rust, the di...

Smaller in size compare to the other museums I've been but as beautiful.

I found their art really cute

Was going to join one of the tours to see the Statue of Liberty, ended up boarding onto this big orange free ferry, a little bit far away, but it's 🗽✔️.

It started as a bit of discomfort on the throat to coughing my lungs out at night 😭  

It was such a tremendous area I didn't know where to start, my plan was start from my hotel into the park toward The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in a hot day of 30+ degree...

After much sweat and a bit of whining I arrived at the back door of the museum, meant I ne...

I was exhausted after a day of flying, pretty much passed out after shower, didn't even move a bit until I opened my eyes again. 

After a night of ZzzzZZz, first destination of this trip of course has to be MoMA! I have always always wanted to visit, looking at all...

1. People selling tours

2. People asking for changes

3. Starbucks 

I have never been to New York, before this trip I've done little research on the popular attractions and what's the weather will be like and that was about all. On arrival, instead of paying $100 Uber to my hotel I decided I'd take the train, and, wow, I thought I coul...

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