Linking the right amount of meaning and visual together, not just looking good as well as not just packed with meanings that are too complex to understand. 



A logo to represent Zvina

It was really hard to settle in a style where there are million ways to represent myself and my work as a brand. It is very important to me that the logo has a story about me. A meaning behind the mark. 

The final decision


The logo creation was based on my middle name in Chinese 子 /tze/ and the first letter of my English name Zvina. Coincidentally they look very much alike in writing, so I decided to work on the logo style based on their calligraphy styles.

Chinese calligraphy often seen to be dashing and unrestrained, on the other hand English calligraphy is elegant and well formed, I found this contrast very interesting. 

The letter 子 /tze/ in Chinese calligraphy 

Chinese calligraphy emphasises motion, brush pen is the traditional writing instrument. The shape, size, stretch and type of hair in the brush, the colour and density of the ink, as well as the absorptive speed and surface texture of the paper are the main physical parameters influencing the final result. The calligrapher also influences the result by the quantity of ink/water he lets the brush take up, then by the pressure, inclination, and direction he gives to the brush, producing thinner or bolder strokes, and smooth or toothed borders. Eventually, the speed, acceleration and deceleration of the writer's moves, turns, and crochets, and the stroke order give the "spirit" to the characters by influencing greatly their final shape. [1]

The letter Z in English calligraphy 

Copperplate - this elegant script is probably the most cursive of all hands. Most letters can be written in one stroke and there are few pen lifts between letters. Minims can be slightly compressed and the characteristic loops of the ascenders and descenders can be drawn either open or enclosed. The best effects are often achieved by using compressed minims with enclosed loops. The fine lines of the burin engraving are difficult to replicate with a steel nib but, with practice, impressive result can be achieved. The principal tools are the pen and the brush. Calligraphy pens write with nibs that may be flat, round, or pointed. Back in the 19th century, students were judged as much on writing technique as the content of their work. [2]  




I attempted to combine two calligraphy styles into one, the result was looking classic but wasn't reflecting my personality. I was chasing after a Z/子 that people haven't seen before, I want it to be unique yet recognisable, at the end I've chosen the essence of the styles and finish up with a modern look.


With the form of 子 /tze/ in Chinese calligraphy and thick down stoke thin up stoke of Z in English calligraphy, I went further making the final logo a combination of letter z and a as they are the first and last letter of my name. 



Branding Zvina
Re-brand Kangaroo Point Cliff