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Surprise your Canton friends today


It's even funnier in English

The slangs that only the very Hong Kong locals speak, presented in drawing with English translation. Lol.

Big mess = Big wok 大鑊


If you messed up big time you say "it's such a big wok..." in Cantonese

Too nosy = Thick toast 厚多士


In Cantonese we say you are a thick toast if you are being too nosy

Lookout = Watch the water 睇水


If you want people to lookout for you then you say "watch the water for me" in Cantonese

Sacked = Fire the squid 炒魷魚


"Have you ever got fire the squid?"

Threaten = Scare the ghost 嚇鬼


In Cantonese if someone ever trying to threaten you you'd fight back by saying "Are you scaring the ghost ?", it means they can't scare you at all

Two-faced = Two heads snake 兩頭蛇


"She is such a two heads snake!"

Dork = Kudzu 一碌葛


"you are one piece of kudzu!"

Intolerant = Monk 方丈

This saying was came from a famous movie, we describe a person a monk it means he/she is intolerant and easily gets angry

Drunk = Cat-ed 貓咗


"She is totally cat-ed, she only had two drinks!"


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