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Central Park & The Met

It was such a tremendous area I didn't know where to start, my plan was start from my hotel into the park toward The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in a hot day of 30+ degree...


After much sweat and a bit of whining I arrived at the back door of the museum, meant I need to walk half of a big square to the front for admission.. but when I reached there.. the heat faded, it was so beautiful, I've never seen such beautiful architecture, my camera wasn't wide enough it only captured a bit of this beauty.


It's equally beautiful inside with a HUGE collection of arts all over the world in different eras. Admission fee was the price you willing to pay, when the gentleman asked me how much I would like to pay he completely took me by surprise.


I spent 4 hours inside the museum until I wasn't able to feel my legs, it has a lot to offer, with the amount of beauty to observe people had to take nap in the cafe. If you would like to admire all the artworks in detail I think it's best to visit twice, or more.


I've walked 19,237 steps that day  


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July 27, 2017

June 14, 2017

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