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Flying to New York

It was a random click on a button entering the Wix Stunning Awards lead me to one of the best things happened to me in 2017 🎉 My 14 days adventure to the world biggest concrete jungle! Thank you Wix 😭❤️

Wasn't looking forward to the 18 hours flight, but it all turned out okey when you know what you are dealing with. First flight was from Brisbane to Los Angeles which was going to take 12 hours.

I was flying with Qantas, they fed me more than I could take during the flight, and I was surprised by the amount of inflight entertainments they provided.

Entertainment was used to be available after take off where the plane is stable, but now you could start the moment you set down all the way till you landed. I watched my episode of Big Little Lies till it's time to get out of the plane.

Arrived at Los Angeles for transit, beautiful airport, I looked at the duty free shop hoping it could open earlier..

It took total 23 hours from Brisbane to New York including lining up boardings, lining up getting offs, lining up for boarding securities, waiting for my luggage.........

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